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Mask Making, Headdress and Healing Ceremonies

Region: East
Location: Manhattan
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Irma Star Spirit Woman, a medicine woman, channel, and storyteller, who is a descendant of Mayan curanderos from Yucatán, Mexico, having studied with many indigenous medicine healers from Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Greenland, Italy, and Dine, Cherokee, and Lakota Elders from the United States.

Mask making has been part of her medicine work, and has become a yearly event, including the celebration of the Day of the Dead at the Open Center.

Irma also does private healing and cleansing sessions, private classes and workshops teaching the Toltec Knowledge consisting of Smoking Mirror, Earth’s Boost of Energy, A Warrior - Stalking Awareness, Womb work activating the Feminine Energy, Astral Planetary Evolution, Voice and Heart Healing, Shamanic Trance Dance. Teacher creating sacred objects such as paho sticks, medicine shields, medicine bundles, dream catchers, and using a combination of herbal plants, essential oils, crystals, stones in honoring with tradition indigenous ceremonies and rituals, in the area of New York City.

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