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New Year's Intention Ceremony and Strategy Workshop

Region: Nationwide
Location: Live in Santa Cruz or Virtual around the World


If you're tired of traditional goal setting and want to move deeply into the heart of what matters to you most in this upcoming year, this is for you.
This New Year's ceremony and workshop will help you explore what you really want to create in 2015 -- and develop a practical plan that will take you there!

*Develop a clear vision of who you are and what is possible
*Leverage the power of ceremony to create the life, career, and love you really want
*Release your inner obstacles and open yourself to divine support ~ and real acceleration
*Create an individualized road map for the months ahead
*Move into deeper levels of personal and professional satisfaction

Let me put you squarely on an accelerated path and give you all the tools and strategies you need to succeed as the year unfolds.


The requests from participants in my past new year's events are the reason this is happening again. It sets the stage for you to have a powerful year of transformation ahead. I hope you'll join me!


Kimberly Errigo, Master Coach
Success Coach, Mentor, and Strategist

Kimberly Errigo is a well respected success Coach, mentor, and strategist. She specializes in developing fully embodied, powerful, purpose-driven transformational agents of change ---like herself.Kimberly's work is based on 20 years of experience as a teacher and professional coach, 15 years of expertise in business, and 25 years of conscious engagement in the fields of personal, organizational, and international development. Her shamanic practice is based on the principles of core shamanism gained during 6 apprenticeships that span nearly 20 years of study with shamanic teachers in North, South, and Central America.

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