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Leading In Truth Retreat - surrender into the truth of who you are

Region: West
Location: Pisac, Peru


The Leading In Truth Retreats started from an inspiration to bring together women leaders for deeper connection. I wanted to feel the hearts and souls of the women in my community. I created a space for each women to bare her soul and vulnerably share her heart. The authenticity was palpable. Each woman left and attracted an abundance of wealth into her life. Dreams were activated. Friendships on purpose were formed.

Each retreat came as a vision to me a calling. And because I trust and follow my intuition, each retreat is a profound life-altering experience for the women who also trust their guidance and follow the calling.

I sit in silence. I listen. The energy of The Sacred Valley in Peru is calling.

The retreat consists of three sections:

1) To bring together the high priestesses in a sacred container of sisterhood. To strengthen our collective power from the ancient medicine of The Sacred Valley so that we are a greater and more expansive channel for the divine to flow through us.

2) We will be working with a shaman two days for San Pedro and Ayahuasca ceremonies.

3) Visiting Machu Picchu and other sacred sites.

Dates: Jan 25 - Feb 2, 2014
Fly into Cuzco.

This is for women who are interested in collaboration, connection and co-creation.

Contact Tanya to set up a call and see if it is a fit:

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