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Healing with Shamanic Breathwork

Region: West
Location: San Francisco Bay Area


I have been leading shamanic journeys since 1990. The shamanic breath is one type of journey work. The breath can be used in a variety of ways as a healing tool. The shamanic breath consists of rapid, deep breathing, combined with music, that puts one into an altered state. In this deep state, numerous healing modalities are available, such as regaining and realigning lost parts of the self, uncovering root sources of addictions and compulsions, rewriting mental programs and conditioning, access to deep somatic healing, past life memories, healing of past traumas and more.

The shamanic breath is easy to learn, yet one must be ready and willing to enter the states needed to effect healing. No prior experience is needed. Breathwork is open to anyone who has a sincere desire to heal.

Please contact me for more information if you are interested in either personal healing, learning more about this powerful healing technique for yourself or to assist others, or apprenticeships in Peruvian Shamanism
Judy Hoaglund, Shamanic Practioner

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