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Retreats at the Chinook Aerie

Region: West
Location: Klamath Falls, Oregon


Archeological survey says that the land The Chinook Aerie occupies the overlap of Modoc, Klamath and Shasta traditional lands. The hills are laden with volcanic rock caste off by Mt. Shasta and Mt. Mazama. The large boulders make excellent “thrones” against which to sit in vision while ample stones are suited for stacking cairns. The facilities include The Gathering House, The Guest House, art studio, elder sweat, labrynth, fire circle, medicine garden, pond, far vision, deep quiet, dark night skies, winged ones, and four leggeds. Chinook Retreats is 30 minutes south of Klamath Falls and 1 hour north of Mt. Shasta.

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