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Shamanic Reiki

Region: Midwest
Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin


Shamanic Reiki sessions combine the healing arts of Shamanic Energy Medicine, Reiki and modern day psychology to help awaken the healing power that resides within you. Over the course of our lives, we add layers of "story" based on original wounds we received in childhood or early adulthood. The goal is to help you release these layers, so deep emotional and spiritual healing can occur.

Shaman - One who sees in the dark
Reiki - Universal Life Force Energy

Shamanic Reiki is designed to help reveal and empower the soul's desire to see and receive the many gifts in our lives. The healing arts of Usui Reiki and Shamanic Energy Medicine helps to awaken the healing power that resides deep within each of us.

For more information contact:
Contact Laural Virtues Wauters
2619 E Glacier Drive
Green Bay, WI 54302

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