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Earth Magic® Radio

Region: Nationwide
Location: Available Nationwide and Internationally


Listen every Thursday at 4 pm PST!

Join world-renowned author, teacher, and Soul Healer Dr. Steven Farmer in an hour of lively conversation about shamanism, spirituality, and Earth Magic®, including such topics as connecting with your spirit guides, soul healing, creating sacred ceremonies, and discovering your Power Animal.

The intention of Earth Magic® Radio is to help us remember who we are. We’re intimately connected with every aspect of Life here on Earth, physically through our DNA and spiritually through our Heart and Soul. It has become clear that our relationship with Earth is out of balance, yet by activating and awakening this ancient soul memory we can renew and restore this relationship and come to know our Mother Earth and all her Children as profoundly interconnected. As we heal and integrate this connection the many realms of Spirit become effortlessly available to us.

“The world speaks to us. We just need to learn how to become better listeners.”

Steven will also take caller’s questions and offer his unique Earth Magic® readings for those who request one. Using his intuitive skills honed during his years as a psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner along with his oracle cards, he’ll help you discover answers to your questions about relationships, money, life purpose, spirituality or any other questions you may have.

During the LIVE Show you can call in at:

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