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Nikolay Oorzhak, Hereditary Tuvan Siberian Shaman, Master of Throat Singing

Region: Mideast
Location: Tuva, South Siberia, Russia


Nikolay Oorzhak (Republic of Tuva, Russia) is the Hereditary Shaman and Master of "Khoomei" Throat Singing. Ex-Chaimnan of Tuvan shaman society Tos-Deer" Participant of several International Shamanic Congresses. Has a years of healing practice at Central Shamanic Clinic in Kyzyl (Tuva), where he completed the research work "The Shamanic Practice in Combination with Healing Sound".
Nikolay regularly gives a seminars in different towns of ex-USSR and Europe, teaching the shamanism, throat singing and using the overtones in healing practice and self-development Russian, Ukrainian and German television made a several programs about Nikolay.
He is owner of First Prize for Kargyraa style at the First International Festival of Throat-Singing (Tuva). Has founded ensembles "Tuva" and "Ertinelig Tuva", toured internationally. By today, Nikolay also reveals a unique talent of jazz improviser, and is actually develops a new direction in ethno-jazz - a "khoomei-jazz". At the moment he a welcomed and honorary guest at different folklore and jazz festivals in ex-USSR and abroad. Nikolay Oorzhak has issued three audio CD albums.

We are open to invitation to give a teaching in any part of world.
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