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Sacred Journey To Egypt with Isis Beloved

Region: Egypt
Location: Sacred Temples and Great Pyramid
Email: isisalljoy2@talktalk.net
Website: http://www.egyptsacredjourneys.com


Living the Cosmic Dream


...It is time to dream the dream and we all have a dream. I came to bring joy to this Earth; in order to manifest joy I had to dream a dream of joy in the minutest details of what it means, of what it is, of where it is and how it is and how I see this dream, and I see this dream of joy manifesting upon Planet Earth.

...At the very beginning of the Earth’s history, before we came here, the Creator came to us and asked us if we would come, if we would be an experiment, an experiment to become a human being in his image, a human being with his power; his powers of seeing, hearing, perception, understanding, knowledge and so much more. To come to a planet where there would be perfection and where the greatest variety of all of nature would be abundant beyond belief. And we were to dream this dream and to dream ourselves in the minutest detail to this place of Earth, to this space and this being-ness of a human being and to see if our souls could live in a dense, physical body. And we did. And so it was.

And at first all was perfection. All was such joy, all was such delight and wonder and magnificence and glory. Our feelings were so strong for our feelings were the dream. What we felt was dreamt in the daytime, was dreamt in the night time when the details are made so sharp, so precise, to the minutest part, to the tiniest particle. But our dream could not be held as a human being as the density and electro-magnetic forces, with other factors, pulled at us and at the time of Atlantis, our souls could no longer remain in our bodies. We began to forget the dream.

We began to forget the details; the minutest parts, the smallest particles that made it the perfection of the whole. So our memory faltered and we struggled desperately through the millenniums that followed to remember our dream, to live our joy, to be our joy, to be the human being. And it became more and more difficult to hold onto even a particle of what we were, what we came for, what we dreamt into reality, what we created from the very heart and soul of our being in the image of the Creator. So we started to try to remind ourselves; we built stone circles, we built labyrinths, and we created ceremonies and rituals. We created structures around the great vortices of the Planet to remind ourselves. We whispered to the stones, we whispered to Nature ‘Hold our dream of joy, of being a human being’. And the stones listened and recorded what we knew and what we said. The trees listened and we became part of their own lineage. The very Earth listened and she sighed for the dream of perfection.

I call you again to dream your dream. I call you again to the Ancient Land of Egypt, to dream your dream anew, to become a human being in the image of the Creator, to begin the process again in the minutest detail of your perfection. Let it start again the way it can and it will, from your heart, from your memory of so long ago.

You have dreamed so much, Beloveds, and so much has happened to that perfection and now is our time to dream again The Great Dream, the dream of joy, the dream of the human being. The Dream that is just not for you, but for everyone. It is not just your feelings it is all feelings. It is a dream from the very beginning and a dream to be re-awakened from your very soul. And you are the dreamer and you are the one that can dream that dream and create again all that was most beautiful and most cherished and most beloved of the Creator.

As we journey through the Ancient Land of Egypt we have the most wondrous task, to discover the Coral Ray in all aspects of life. Rather like the Turquoise Ray many years ago, this Ray first appeared in the Autumn, at sunset and at dawn.

It flows into the planet slowly and gracefully celebrating creativity and it is a source of all Love and all Life. During every part of our journey you can embrace aspects of the Coral Ray, for it was the Ray of the very beginning of Earth. You will also find yourself more self-sufficient, more empowered and more able to communicate from the Heart.

The beautiful Ray creates the urge and the longing to form satellite communities, groups of like-minded people, friends, artists, healers, communicators, idealists and creators of all forms, who will find each other. Soul groups will come together as you will discover on this journey and prepare to shift their frequencies in alignment to the New World. Birth families will seem less and less important as soul families will start to pull together. Addictions to false loves, cries for attention, social obligation and flimsy friendships will quickly fall away. You could be inspired to step forward and declare your purpose to the World!

So welcome this time of delightful surprises, immediate connections and playful encounters, for many will surprise themselves for the very first time, returning to a state of learning, discovery and creativity. Everywhere we go you will experience this beautiful energy which will enter at the Crown of your Head and fill you up with a sweet life-giving fluid, like the waters of the womb. In this state, indeed, we can co-create and prepare for the New World.

This is our dream, Beloveds, so that hearts can sing and great sounds of joy can be heard. A Great Land can find its heart again through its Sacred Places and the Earth can be connected more strongly to the Heart of the Universe. A wondrous dream indeed and the beginning of a Whole New Time for every man, woman and child, for every part of Nature, for all Life. Let it be so!

Blessings and Deep Joy,

Isis Beloved.

This is my last visit to Egypt, having achieved 28 journeys in 10 years. It will be like all the journeys rolled into one, a huge transformational experience full of Joy and Laughter creating a great burst of Light for this Sacred and Beloved land that we love so much. To be one of the 22 that are Pure of Heart please call Isis Beloved now +44 (0)1458 834811. isisalljoy2@talktalk.net.

There is only this moment.


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