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Shamanic Encounters: healing trance states

Region: Israel
Location: Available Worldwide
Email: zebryan@easy.com
Website: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/0955784808/ref=


`Shamanic Encounters' is essentially a collection of personal accounts of healing trance experienced by individuals when working with the shamanic healer, teacher and martial artist Dan Russell in a highly absorbed state.
Here the accounts of individuals who have managed to articulate their experience are openly shared and interwoven with a simple but insightful commentary by the author.
The narration builds up a rich and colourful map of the under explored and largely uncharted territory of inner worlds, offering to those with interest a reminder and glimpse into the ancient intelligence and power of the deep mind.

This is shamanism in its raw form as applied to and deeply relevant to modern society.

Signed copies of this book are now available to buy via amazon.co.uk International shipping available. Visit web link to view book description, author comments and review.

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