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Living Shamanism, Unveiling the Mystery by Julie Dollman

Region: Ireland
Location: Global Release Date 25th January 2013


De-mystify modern shamanism as we undertake an alchemical healing and transformational journey of sacred self discovery.

Julie Dollman shares her own experiences as she embarks on a difficult, challenging and wondrous journey into the world of shamanism, emerging with some amazing and simple tools, a sense of belonging and most importantly, a wondrous connection to the natural world that we all live in. Living Shamanism will appeal to those who are looking for an alternate way to tackle day-to-day issues they are experiencing and to those that are seriously considering a life-style change.

Living Shamanism is an inspiring journey into the most ancient spiritual path on the planet.
Steve Nobel, author, coach and co-director of Alternatives, London.
Julie Dollman trained and graduated with the Four Winds Society. She works as a shamanic practitioner in rural Pre Order at

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