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COMMON WEALTH: Our Legacy of Places of Power and the Transfiguration of the Human Soul

Region: United Kingdom
Location: Portland


The new book from bestselling author Freddy Silva provides evidence of a legacy left behind by our predecessors of a global engineering project that has served the perpetual development of human consciousness.

Ancient texts describe temples as windows into paradise, places where the individual can be “transformed into a god, into a bright star.” Can a sacred site alter an ordinary person into an extraordinary being?

Following a global catastrophe in 9703 B.C., groups of adepts embarked on a mission to rebuild a worldwide network of temples that would maintain indefinitely a society in balance with itself and with the cosmos. These places of power were constructed at magnetically sensitive locations and according to prescribed laws that alter the local energetic environment. But not only did temples become repositories of a stupendous ancient science, they would also serve as an insurance policy for times when people lost sight of their own divinity.

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