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Intensive Shamanic Training

Region: Bolivia
Location: Andes & Amazon, La Paz, Bolivia
Email: info@sacharuna.com
Website: http://www.sacharuna.com


The course is indeed Intensive and deeply transformational.
It includes work with Ayahuasca, San Pedro (Wachuma), vision quests, sweat lodge, sacred dances, diets, pilgrimages, meditation, burnt offerings, etc.
t is intended to help train those people who trully want to entrust themselves to Spirit and dedicate themselves to service by training people in a way that aligns them to Spirit and to their Greater Purpose so they may become beacons of light and guidance in their own communities.
The course subscribes to the qualities of compassion and mercy, gentle loving-kindness, Love Devotion and Surrender, while at the same time seeking to empower our thoughts, insights, prayers and actions for effective response to the exigencies of the coming times. No prerequisite is necessary, except the absolute determination to face oneself and do what is needed to allow spirit to flow through us and bless all creation.
We would like to invite you to Share in the Beauty, the Magic and the Mystery that lies hidden and pristine ready to share its wisdom and give blessings to those who approach with humbleness, sincerity and a vocation for service.
The possibilities range from individual therapies, night long ceremonies, month long courses, ten day retreats, and many other options.
We are a group of people here in Bolivia who have been working for over 20 years studying and practicing these rituals, and helping countless people in a non sectarian way, integrating also the wisdom from other traditions around the world, such as Tibetan Budhist, Native North American, Sikh, Jewish, Christian and others.
Sacred Dances, Sweat-Lodges, Meditation, Yoga, Alternative Therapies, Internal Martial Arts, Pilgrimages, Vision Quests and many other practices are shared, taught and practiced here to aid all interested in their Healing and Alignement.
This happens regularly in the Andes just outside the city of La Paz in Allkamari Retreat Center, only 30 minutes outside the city, but in full view of the Andes, in front of Mt. Illimani and Mururata, nestled in the Sacred Valley of the Souls, and in the Jungle just outside Rurrenabaque at Wizard's Mt. Retreat Center.
Both are operated and staffed by shamans, healers and teachers from Bolivia Mistica, Casa Luna and Sacha Runa Associates.
If you feel called to explore the mystery that is just begining to unfold, to connect with your source, to become inspired to serve, you may reach them at
for English call cel#591-72002055

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