Shamans and indigenous spiritual leaders unite in Malibu

Shamans and indigenous spiritual leaders unite in MalibuJust north of Los Angeles on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean is a special piece of ancient tribal land. Prehistoric artifacts and burials indicate that occupation occurred there as early as 6000 BC. It was this primeval site on a crisp October night recently where the Wishtoyo Foundation and the Chumash people, in cooperation with the Amazon Conservation Team, held “A Summit of Indigenous Spiritual Leaders.”

Don’t shut the door on nature’s own pharmacy

Don’t shut the door on nature’s own pharmacyVancouver physician Gabor Maté – the subject of a recent CBC documentary on his use of the Amazonian plant medicine ayahuasca to treat addicts – has drawn the wrath of Health Canada. Facing threats of criminal prosecution if he didn’t stop immediately, Dr. Maté has complied, of course. But he has said he will seek an exemption to continue with his treatments.

Beyond tangerines and palm trees: Jeju's unique culture

Beyond tangerines and palm trees: JejuEvery culture, by definition, is unique, and especially so is that of Jeju Island, a volcanic tourist attraction off the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula.
Jeju's culture has developed over thousands of years as a result of its people's relationship with nature, animistic religion and mythology.
The first place in the world to receive UNESCO designations in all three natural science categories, Jeju has its cultural foundation in the animistic belief among its people that the island is home to 18,000 gods.

Bronze artifact found on Alaska's Seward Peninsu

Bronze artifact found on AlaskaANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — A research team is attempting to discover the origin of a cast bronze artifact excavated from an Inupiat Eskimo home site believed to be about 1,000 years old.
The artifact resembles a small buckle, researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder said in an announcement. How it got to Alaska remains a mystery.

US arrests indigenous Colombian healer

US arrests indigenous Colombian healerJuan Bautista Agreda Chindoy, an indigenous healer from Colombia's Valle de Sibundoy, was arrested in Houston airport, U.S., El Tiempo reports.
On October 19 the medicine man travelled to the United States to give a healing session on Ayahuasca, a herbal mixture.