Islanders get taste of West

Islanders get taste of WestFive tribesmen from a South Pacific island shed their native dress for snap shirts during a week on a Montana cattle ranch at Belfry last fall.

On Sunday, their exploits in the West show up in the premiere episode of the Travel Channel’s “Meet the Natives: USA.”>>>

Brazilian mint tea 'as effective as pain-relief drugs'

 Brazilian mint tea An ancient herbal mint tea from Brazil is as effective at delivering pain relief as commercial medicine, according to university researchers.

Brews from the plant, hyptis crenata, have traditionally been used by native Latin American healers to cure headaches, fevers and flu.

Now reseachers at Newcastle University have demonstrated that there is a scientific basis for the claims after testing the remedy, known as Brazilian tea, on mice. >>>

Bones of fallen WWII Japanese soldiers burned in Ifugao

Bones of fallen WWII Japanese soldiers burned in IfugaoJapanese shaman Iryo offered prayers side by side with an Ifugao mumbaki (spiritual priest) before the bones of thousand World War II Japanese soldiers were brought out from a secured house in preparation for the last burning of the remains of the fallen soldiers.>>>

Council resolution condemns exploiters of sweat lodges

Council resolution condemns exploiters of sweat lodgesThe deaths of three people in Arizona in early October at a “Spirit Warrior” program has led to the Coeur d’Alene Tribal Council taking a stand in opposition to such programs. These three were part of a group of about 65 people who paid up to $9,000 each to take part in a ceremony in a crudely constructed sweat lodge conducted by self-help expert James Arthur Ray.>>>

Noorvik overturns ban on Native dance

Noorvik overturns ban on Native danceInupiaq elders and the Christian church congregation in Noorvik, near Kotzebue, have voted to overturn a century-old ban on traditional dancing in the village. Missionaries instituted the ban because they associated dancing with shamanism, and generations of villagers have grown up without learning the moves.>>>