Tear Down The Barbed Wire Of Discrimination

Tear Down The Barbed Wire Of DiscriminationIn all of Australia's modern history, the crime of silence accompanies the death, destruction and denial that obliterates the rights of indigenous people.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's national apology two years ago was a long overdue admission that when a nation lives with officially sanctioned racial discrimination we are all diminished as human beings.>>>

Warning on pitfalls of black magic

Warning on pitfalls of black magicBLACK magic has been practised by humans for centuries not for the good but for the wickedness of mankind. The origins of black magic derived from Satan, and Satan and demons are the only creatures that possess these horrific teachings.

This observation was made by well-known guru Dato’ Dr Haron Din from Malaysia, at• a seminar on Islamic Medication held in conjunction with the first Darusysyifa’ Warrafahah (DSR) graduation ceremony at the Bridex Convention Centre yesterday.>>>

From Chinggis Khan to Prayer Wheels, Mongolians Reclaim What’s Theirs

From Chinggis Khan to Prayer Wheels, Mongolians Reclaim What’s TheirsThere are ordinary equestrian statues. And then there's Chinggis Khan, the monument so tall that visitors need to ride an elevator and climb several flights of stairs just to reach his waistline.
Located on a windswept plateau an hour's drive from the Mongolian capital, Ulan Bator, the massive stainless-steel monument reaches 50 meters high, including its 10-meter base. That's more than twice the size of the world's next-tallest equestrian statue. But as many Mongolians would argue, Chinggis Khan -- or Genghis Khan,>>>

Roseville's new Maidu Museum opens today

Roseville To say today's opening of Roseville's new Maidu Museum and Historic Site celebrating native California culture has been a long time coming is an understatement measured by centuries.

The nine years the museum spent in temporary quarters (a 4,800-square-foot modular building) was a short duration compared with the thousands of years the native peoples waited for the kind of recognition they will get with the grand opening of a 10,000-square-foot brick roundhouse museum and art gallery.>>>

Aboriginal pavillion open and ready

Aboriginal pavillion open and readyThe 2010 Aboriginal Pavilion is ready to receive a projected 100,000 visitors and organizer Tewanee Joseph says the venue is about to make history.

Located at Georgia and Hamilton Streets, the pavilion opened to the public Monday Feb. 8, showcasing a 65-foot inflatable multi-media dome and the venue’s signature show, “We Are Here.”>>>