Banff Centre offers Aboriginal dance program

Banff Centre offers Aboriginal dance programStepping back to dance forward: The role of aboriginal tradition in the artistic expression of our profound connection to the natural world plays out in a double bill at the Banff Centre's Margaret Greenham Theatre this weekend, when the centre's three-week summer Indigenous Dance Residency presents Indigenous Territories.

The Indigenous Dance Residency -- a program providing opportunities for indigenous dancers and choreographers to share in the exchange of artistic and cultural knowledge and practice -- is the brainchild of Red Sky Performance artistic director Sandra Laronde, who took over the centre's Aboriginal Arts program in 2008.

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Perseverance Theatre presents Ishmael Hope's 'Cedar House'

Perseverance Theatre presents Ishmael HopeJUNEAU - The old, the new and the unexpected will be brought together in "Cedar House." In the new play by Juneau storyteller Ishmael Hope, storytelling and dialogue are united to explore Tlingit history and culture.

"Cedar House" will be presented to the public in a series of shows starting this week. Commissioned and staged by Perseverance Theatre, the play has been running throughout the summer for Cruise West visitors.

In The Amazon, Potion Offers 'Window Into The Soul'

In The Amazon, Potion Offers Visitors are flocking to the Peruvian Amazon to sample ayahuasca, a potion with hallucinogenic properties made from jungle vines and considered sacred by indigenous tribes. Lodges catering to "ayahuasca tourism" are attracting travelers who hope the concoction will help soothe a range of woes.

The Peruvian Amazon attracts thousands of foreign tourists who come for the jungle tours. Increasingly, tourists also arrive for a ritual they say provides them with a window into the soul.

Witch Magick

Witch MagickWitch craft has been here before Christ was even born. In fact, magick has been in the hearts of many witches and worlocks. There are male witches too.

Some own black cats and are good luck for witches. If you want a spell cast for you, ask a witch or worlock. Here is something you may wish to try at home...Have a black candle, light it, for power spells and wish for money or gold. You may use a green candle as well. Black candles and purple candles may be used for hexxing spells as well...and blue and lavender for healing spells. I am not a shaman but do cast healing spells for friends. Some of my spells are wonderful and I cast them for free for many folks. Some people send me witchcraft books as a thank you, for the spell that worked for them.

Magnetic mega-star challenges black hole theory

Magnetic mega-star challenges black hole theoryA neutron star with a mighty magnetic field has thrown down the gauntlet to theories about stellar evolution and the birth of black holes, astronomers reported on Wednesday.

The "magnetar" lies in a cluster of stars known as Westerlund 1, located 16,000 light years away in the constellation of Ara, the Altar.

Westerlund 1, discovered in 1961 by a Swedish astronomer, is a favoured observation site in stellar physics.