Modern Soldiers, Ancient Medicines

Modern Soldiers, Ancient MedicinesIt's late afternoon on the Colorado plains, and the sun is disappearing behind the ridge of mountains to the west of us, but all I can see is darkness.

I'm in a traditional Lakota sweat lodge, a 15-foot-wide dome of willow branches covered in thick moving blankets and canvas.

Inside the tiny lodge, 20 of us are shoulder to sweaty shoulder in burning pain. The ceremony leader sings a traditional song, pouring cup after cup of water onto the still-glowing rocks, increasing the heat until voices break the darkness in anguish. Mine would join them if I could, but the heat is like a hundred pounds of sand, pressing me down into submission.

Are dreams trying to tell us something?

Are dreams trying to tell us something?The woman lies asleep next to her husband in a lovely house in the Scottish countryside.

She is a film maker. She has made several award-winning documentaries about science. Her three children are abed. She is dreaming. Suddenly, she wakes up, feeling very scared. In her dreams, her horse, George, has spoken to her. He has told her that he is dying. Trembling, she ventures outside in the dark night. George is lying on the ground. He is dead.

Americans stressed out: How it impacts the body and alternative treatments

Americans stressed out: How it impacts the body and alternative treatmentsThe American Psychological Association new survey now shows evidence that Americans are simply stressed out.

The survey which was conducted online from August 3 to August 27th of 1,134 adults aged 18 and older. The survey consisted also of 100 adults with children aged 8 to 17. In addition to this survey another survey which they had conducted of 937 adults who had children. Also, included in this report are results from a different survey conducted August 19th to August 24th of 1,136 young persons age range from eight to seventeen years old.

The Medicine Hunter: In Cocoa Land

The Medicine Hunter: In Cocoa LandRecently I traveled to the South American country of Ecuador, where I continued a long-time passion, investigating cocoa. This has been a subject of great interest to me, and I wanted to see for myself the legendary cocoa plantations of Esmeraldas Province in Ecuador, where some of the world’s finest cocoa beans originate.

Sharing a culture

Sharing a cultureThe media and entertainment industries have portrayed Native Americans as people who wear feathers, live in tepees and ride horses.

Stereotypes such as these are mislead and damage the image of Native Americans today.

In his lecture, “Native Me: The Story Through My Eyes,” Benjamin Hale spoke of his struggles growing up as an “urban Native American” and how society has treated his culture in the Women’s Center Thursday.