When Badimo call, you cannot decline

When Badimo call, you cannot declineDespite the fact that the Christian faith has made its mark in the lives of many Batswana, there are some who still believe in the African Traditional Religions (ATR).
Take Sangoma Mantho Kgakge of Mokwena ward in Pilikwe. For starters, Kgakge is one of the few sangomas found in the area if not in the country making her one of the revered if not feared traditional doctors around.

A new cultural consciousness?

A new cultural consciousness?“A new creative energy is emerging in culture and the arts,” intones Bong de la Torre, cultural worker, arts organizer, shaman, visual artist, and former staffer of Peta (Philippine Educational Theater Association).
For him, it is taking the form of different artists, people from different organizations gravitating toward one another.

Puerto Rico, Dominica and Cuba embrace their Taino Indian heritage

Puerto Rico, Dominica and Cuba embrace their Taino Indian heritageAt least 61% of the people of Puerto Rico carry Native American DNA. In the Dominican Republic traditional Taino festivals have become popular events for entire communities. In all the Greater Antilles Islands, archaeology and architectural preservation have proven to be effective tools for promoting heritage tourism and cultural pride. During this process, anthropologists have discovered that many cultural traditions long thought to be Spanish or African in origin, were actually Native American.

Amondawa tribe lacks abstract idea of time, study says

Amondawa tribe lacks abstract idea of time, study saysAn Amazonian tribe has no abstract concept of time, say researchers.
The Amondawa lacks the linguistic structures that relate time and space - as in our idea of, for example, "working through the night".
The study, in Language and Cognition, shows that while the Amondawa recognise events occuring in time, it does not exist as a separate concept.

Valley of prehistoric cave art

Valley of prehistoric cave artBeneath the Dordogne in France lies the ‘Louvre of pre-history’ – thousands of cave paintings made 11,000 to 37,000 years ago, writes ELGY GILLESPIE
THE TRUFFLE-SCENTED valleys of France’s Dordogne are studded with golden stone castles. It’s as though Richard the Lionheart was just killing time around the next corner with his troubadour, and the Hundred Years’ War was only yesterday. But that’s just the latest layer of activity.