Thriving yeberia inspires faithful customers

Thriving yeberia inspires faithful customersRosario’s Mistic Yerberia prepare the eyes for what awaits inside.
A collection of religious artifacts, herbs, candles, charms and books surround the shop, which at first glance seems to be in complete disarray. Taking in a slower look sets things in place.

Healing Totem Pole Heads to National Library of Medicine

Healing Totem Pole Heads to National Library of MedicineA healing totem pole is traveling cross-country to the National Library of Medicine (NLM) in Bethesda, Maryland, receiving traditional blessings from nine tribes along the way.
Carved with stories emblematic of “healing, hope and knowledge,” the totem will be featured in the Library’s new exhibition, “Native Voices: Native Peoples’ Concepts of Health and Illness,” opening free to the public on October 6.

Have we faith in our healers?

Have we faith in our healers?Despite little scientific evidence that faith healing helps cure illnesses, some people find it works where conventional medicine fails
THE SHIFT in Irish people’s attitudes to religion in recent years has been dramatic. At the same time, society has become more rational. Superstitions are dying out and there are fewer tales of statues crying tears of blood or banshees wailing in the night. But even in this sceptical age, do Irish people still believe in miracles when their health is in danger?

An avenging spirit haunts Mudzi family

An avenging spirit haunts Mudzi familyThe restless spirit of young Givemore Katangana has been venting its anger on one Mutasa family member who allegedly killed him in a bid to boost his business interests in Mudzi and Mutoko.
And it now appears the avenging spirit – known as ngozi in vernacular – will only be appeased once the Mutasa family meets its demands. The spirit of the teenager has been speaking through two Mutasa sisters who have now assumed male voices and traits.

'Shaman' jailed for hallucinogenic drug potion at 'healing' ceremony

A British "shaman" caught administering a potion containing a class-A hallucinogenic drug to 17 followers at a candlelit "healing" ceremony has been jailed for 15 months.
Peter Aziz, of Buckfastleigh, Devon, who claims to have spent years in the jungles of Peru learning the art of making the drink ayahuasca, provided the brew, which contained N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT), during a week-long retreat in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.