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A Women’s Journey of Healing an interview with Margaret De WysA Women’s Journey of Healing an interview with Margaret De Wys
Margaret De Wys is a professor at Bard College, Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts as well as a composer and sound installation artist.
A dramatic shift in her life set her on a pilgrimage to Ecuador and to becoming a world traveler and explorer dedicated to the preservation and transmission of traditional wisdom in the modern world. She has recently been published, her book came out in January 2009: Black Smoke: A Woman’s Journey of Healing, Wild Love and Transformation in the Amazon which chronicles her encounter with a Shuar master of medicina milenaria who guided her into a world of potent visionary plants, harrowing initiations and ritual purification.

An interview with Julieta CasimiroAn interview with Julieta Casimiro
Julieta Casimiro is a Mazatec Healer. As well as her work as an indigenous healer, Julieta has gained international recognition as a member of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers – a group of spiritual elders, medicine women and wisdom keepers since its founding in 2004.

Joanna speaks with Doña Julieta (and her daughters Lourdes and Eugenia) about her work as a healer with the Teonanacatl mushrooms. Julieta refers to them as niños santos (little saints).

Hmong Shamanism Lecture with Txongpao LeeHmong Shamanism Lecture with Txongpao Lee
Hmong Shamanism Lecture
11:24 - 2 years ago
Txongpao Lee, Executive Director of Hmong Cultural Center in Saint Paul, MN lectures about Hmong Shamanism as part of the Building Bridges program to teach American audiences about the Hmong culture. To learn about more about the Building Bridges program visit

Calling in the Directions: Psycho-spiritual Orienteering in Preparation for Shamanic Practice,  withCalling in the Directions: Psycho-spiritual Orienteering in Preparation for Shamanic Practice, with
Dr. Steve Serr has made shamanic training available worldwide through Shamanism – 101, utilizing the technological advances in the internet to extend an education in shamanic spirituality to students residing throughout the world with a surprisingly traditional, one-on-one approach. He holds a master’s of divinity in sacred naturalism, his doctorate is in clinical psychology, and maintains a small private practice in Ben Lomond, California.

Interview with Bradford Keeney Ph.D :Interview with Bradford Keeney Ph.D :
Bradford Keeney Ph.D. is recognized as an elder shaman and spiritual teacher in cultures throughout the world. He is the author of Profiles of Healing, an eleven-volume encyclopedia of the world’s healing practices and an autobiography entitled Bushman Shaman as well as several classics in the field of psychotherapy and numerous titles for the popular press. With his website Shaking Medicine he invites us to go beyond modernity to the oldest culture on Earth to find true magic and power.