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Sprays, Drops, Drumming Cd, Cd about Shamanic Healing

Region: Canada
Location: Calgary, Alberta


LAUREEN RAMA’S SOUL RESTORE PRODUCTS are imbued with shamanic wisdom, power, and beauty to support you in living a more soulful, joyous life!

Soul Drops and Soul Sprays can be used to cleanse, heal, and ground you to prepare you for sacred work or just the day!

Soul Drops and Soul Sprays support in Soul Retrieval and Extraction - helping to call home specific soul qualities or release energy blocks. They can be used in healing sessions and by clients to support the healing in the days afterwards. Soul Drops & Soul Sprays can also be used to strengthen those qualities, as a reminder and support.

Soul Drops and Soul Sprays can be used to tone up and energetically cleanse people, places, or things.

The Soul Drops are combinations of specific flower essences made to support soul retrieval and extraction.

The Soul Sprays are made with flower essences, essential oils and shamanic magic and loving intention. Most popular is the Clear Spray - a smudge for the 21st century - includes 18 sacred plants from around the world and smells like heaven!

Heal Your Soul; Reclaim Your Life is a self-help CD set - 3 Cd's, 3 1/2 hours all about shamanic healing, including how to call parts of your own soul home and how to prevent soul wounding.

Drums for the Shaman is a tape or CD of steady drumming to use for shamanic journeys and focused meditation. Includes a rattle and guided voice to call in the spirits of the directions.

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