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Custom Made Shamanic Hand Drums

Custom Made Shamanic Hand Drums

Region: Northwest
Location: Washington
Website: http://home,


Drum making workshops are arranged throughout the year at $100.00 per person...make your own drum. (This is for a 15-16" cedar drum frame with elk hide)(Specialty drums cost more).

Custom made hand drums of the cedar frame, elk hide are $150.00 per drum...other custom hides such as buffalo, european elk, goat, or horse are priced at $200.00 per drum. These drums come with a beater.

Call or e-mail for information or to place an order or sign up for a workshop or be placed on the mailing list.

Call: Steven C. Pepping, MA (Grey Falcon Of The Mist) 253-273-4171 or e-mail:

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