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A Circle of Consciousness

Region: Northeast
Location: Nyack, NY


The High Street Healers Association, A Network of Holistic Healers dedicated to creating an environment that raises
consciousness and facilitates personal & planetary Healing, offers "A Circle of Consciousness". An ongoing exploration into the evolution of Human Consciousness.

We offer Free monthly workshops held on the first Saturday of every month from 1-4 pm at the Nyack New Age Center, One South Broadway, Nyack, NY.

Sessions include Literal discussion, Experiential exercises and Shamanic Journey work on such topics as:
Becoming Homo-Luminous,
Light Body Architecture,
Co-Creating our Reality,
Probability vs. Potentiality,
Living free of Fear and

Our Intention is to assist in the shift in awareness that is ocurring globally toward the evolution of Homo-Sapien into a new species of humanity termed Homo-Luminous.

For more information call 201-655-3419
or visit our Website at

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