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Native Hand Drum Maker

Region: Midwest
Location: Oklahoma


Drum Maker, I make my drums in direct connection with the Spirits of all the parts and my Guides. I do seasonal batches (unless a special request is made).

I do everything by hand (cutting, dying, weaving). The place I get my frames makes the frames by hand from maple; I use either 15" 8 sided or 18" round. I only use Natural Death Horse Hide which brings a unique sound, energy, and stableness to the rawhide in weather as well as the method of my construction.

I learned to make drums from my Spirit Guides in a Journey; They showed me how to make them and I have been doing it the same way ever since.

These drums I Birth and they have seen the World.

Email for details, no Website (I have rattles also from the leftover rawhide).


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