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“Rising to Heart Consciousness”

“Rising to Heart Consciousness”

Region: Southwest
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico


This is for anyone interested in knowing and understanding the path to heart consciousness. My name is Mike Kind and I am a Shamanic Healer, Spiritualist, Truth Seeker, and Spiritual Teacher.
It can be difficult for people to find their way to an enlightened state of consciousness. My approach towards guiding someone on the great path gives each individual a personal approach that fits their own spiritual development by teaching them to learn from within!

Everyone has a unique path to “Heart Consciousness” however the aspects of the lower self that must be put back into a state of conscious balance apply to us all. If one understands the goals that must be accomplished on the path, then one can more easily find their unique road of techniques that will lead them to “Heart Consciousness”.

“Heart Consciousness” can be achieved by anyone who truly seeks it. It simply takes dedication. You must dedicate yourself to true self understanding and the balancing of your inner and outer world. This is accomplished through the practice of techniques that are implemented into your daily life.

As a Spiritual Teacher I can help guide those seekers to their own personal experience of the path itself and the goal of “Heart Consciousness”

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