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northern shamanism

northern shamanism

Region: Alaska
Location: Circumpolar


award-winning literary novel "Flight of the Goose": a story of shamanic initiation. Indigenous ways meet western science in the Alaskan Arctic.

"Flight of the Goose" is:

* endorsed by Native Alaskan elders,
Shaman's Drum Journal,
Sacred Hoops journal,
Cultural Survival,
First Alaskans magazine,
lead arctic anthropologists Dr. Jean Briggs and
Dr. Dorothy Jean Ray,
ornithogists G. Divoky and J. Trapp

and by shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman.

* used as text in university classes on cross-cultural spiritual traditions: Univ of Alaska; Boston U theology dept.

Author Lesley Thomas comes from a cross-cultural background in rural Alaska and is trained in science and ancient traditions.

Sold in indie bookstores and online.

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