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Advanced Certified Tantra Educator Shamanic Practitioner

Advanced Certified Tantra Educator Shamanic Practitioner

Region: Northwest
Location: Portland Oregon


Director of Harmonic Visions, and Proprietor of Body, Mind & Spirit…A Wholeness Center for Integrative Wellness based on CAM therapies.

Over 25 years in Corporate America training internationally with large cosmetic companies such as Clinique & Christian Dior Perfumes from there moved on to the fast paced high tech communications industry and was on the payroll of MCI Worldcom for several years teaching and training executives domestically and internationally, moved on to AT&T during the downfall of MCI Worldcom. After seeing my 401k and stock options vanish due and the communications industry in general, my health suffering, due to the stress and toxic environment of Corporate culture I resigned my position to follow a much more heart centered occupation and that is when Harmonic Visions was born.

Offering shamanic healing and instruction on the shamanic journeying process, soul retrieval, shamanic extraction, death and dying, healing with spiritual light, medicine for the earth and most recently offering individual sessions in sacred sexuality.


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