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Shamanic Yoga Retreat Portugal

Shamanic Yoga Retreat Portugal

Region: Portugal
Location: Algarve


This Shamanic Yoga retreat is a great opportunity to reconnect with ourselves, to receive the healing we need and rediscover our inner peace.

It's essential for individuals who wishes to promote well-being and ease in life and to truly meet their true selves!

In this retreat we prepare ourselves Physically, Mentally and Emotionally. creating a sportive and healthy group dynamics and with this at our side we enter our self exploration journey.

*** For more details:!shamanic-yoga-retreat-page/c20r6

We will practice different techniques and tools to elevate our Awareness and well-being in life:

* Daily Vinyasa Yoga and Pranayama practice
* Gongs and singing bowls meditation
* Art and Craft workshops
* A Tamascal ceremony (sweat lodge) and more shamanic Medicine meditations from the Amazon forest
* 4 nights accommodation and three healthy vegetarians meals per day

We also offer Raiky seasons, Shiatsu and Massage as an additional service to our guests.
All you need to make you feel comfortable, revitalized, and at peace...

where is it:
Monte Mariposa is a residential Retreat Center in the heart of the Algarve, Portugal. The Center is located in a beautiful valley which creates the supportive environment for what we offer. One of the purposes of Monte Mariposa is to live in harmony with nature and to create a loving and welcoming atmosphere for the guests.

Our accommodation:
Dormitory of 6 people for a more fordable travelers and Triple/ Double rooms for comfort lovers

The teachers:
Einat Ran, the founder of "Einat Freedom Yoga", a certified and experienced yoga instructor, a professional dancer and natural artist.

Angelo Surinder, Founder of "Cosmic Gong", a certified and experienced Kundality Yoga teacher, Gong Master and a father.

Indios Brasil, founder and owner of "TerrAmor" Retreat Center, Amazon, Brazil, a Shamanic ceremonies facilitator, musician and nature lover.

Ana costa & Tiago Rouxinol: Musicians, Dancers, Therapists, sustainable farmers, forest keepers and parents.

For more details:!shamanic-yoga-retreat-page/c20r6

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