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Spirit Facilitation

Spirit Facilitation

Region: Canada
Location: Fergus, Ontario


We are all beings of light, undergoing a tremendous leap forward in our evolution. We are becoming Universally aware.

Here's the secret: All possible realities are occurring simultaneously. Quantum science has confirmed this concept with all things physical; as above so below.

The truth is, we can shift laterally at any given moment, into a higher frequency of being & with that shift, welcome a new Earth & new versions of everyone in our lives.

I am here in service to Creation to assist any & all beings in their quest to align with their Higher Self & Infinite Nature <ॐ

I offer a unique treatment based on your life path. Music, guided meditation, cranial~sacral alignments, etheric grafting, channeling, dream analysis, discussion, dietary & physical purification, plant medicines

Ryan Karay

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