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The Wine of the Soul

The Wine of the Soul

Region: Brazil
Location: Serra da Mantiqueira


Wine of the Soul

Romance, self-help, adventure, mystical, spiritual - no matter what the classification of 'The Wine of the Soul' is: itís a Real-Life story, lived and narrated by Raquel, a friend who I consider to be the true author of the book. Disillusioned with her post-separation life, she goes in search of a shaman who lives alone in the mountains, and her last hope is to hear him.

In the exciting experiences of sacred rituals, she rediscovered love, wisdom, and more than that: the healing that brought back her joie de vivre. The book highlights an ancestral medicine, a formula lost in afflictions and tribulations of modern life. It employs the wisdom of plants and animals, rites, sacraments and sacred songs and a new consciousness that is being revived: SHAMANISM. Easy to read, the story behind the self-help understanding and comprehension of the shamanic universe for those who are starting. For others who wish to be more daring, and fly at greater heights on the astral, the book will reveal some of the mysteries of the soul... The Wine was all written according to the sacred metric of kabbalah and the tarot. This is an illustrated version.


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