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Handcrafted Rattles, Spirit Bags, Drums & more

Handcrafted Rattles, Spirit Bags, Drums & more

Region: Midwest
Location: Michigan


Sacred Shamanic Tools: Rattles,Drums, Spirit Bags & more.

Kate Durda,M.A. & Stephanie Tighe, MSW, are shamanic practitioners who have offered shamanic healing as well as training for the past 15 years.

For their own use, as well as for their students and others in the shamanic community, Stephanie and Kate began handcrafting tools for use in spiritual practice. They create drums, rattles, personal “Spirit Bags”, and more.

"Spirit Bags" are made in necklace fashion using 'knotless netting' technique and waxed linen thread. These bags are used as personal medicine bag, with totems and power objects attached and placed inside bag.
Please see our website for description and availability of all itesm.

They can do individual personalized items incorporating materials,designs, or elements which you want used in the making, upon request. They also do handpainting of rattles and drums to your specification.

WORKSHOPS: Drum-making and Rattle-making
Drums and rattles are very important shamanic tools, used for ceremony, calling the Spirits, healing work and journeying. Making your own tools for spiritual practice is very powerful, and a wonderful way to strengthen your connection to the Spirit World.
We offer workskhops on making your own rattles, drums and other personals spiriual items such as "Personal Altars ” or “Prayer Cards’. Check our website, it changes often!

Rattles /Drums made with choice of hides: cow, elk, deer, moose. All gifts from the animal/plant spirits honored in the creation of these spiritual tools. Honoring Ceremonies are shared.

Spirit Weavers
Stephanie Tighe. M.S.W., & Kate Durda, M.A.
517 543 6754
P.O. Box 539, Grand Ledge, MI 48837

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