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Region: Portugal
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The mind, when used correctly, is a wonderful instrument. It enables us to experience freedom of life. However, most of us use the negative capacity of the mind by constantly thinking about problems, conflicts, divisions and other mundane problems. Negativity is completely unnatural and when taken to its extreme it can create illness and destruction. Separation, which we experience when we have negative feelings, prevents the embracing of the positive side of life because it stifles our deeper natural feelings and ability to communicate." (Tony Samara, 2005)

it is so easy in these times, when so much is happening in the world and in peoples lives, to forget that the essence is within. The mundane distractions often take us away from the core of our experience. Hence the importance of reflecting on these matters. It is a great meditation to help us to become more aware and conscious of ourselves. This will help us to be more authentic in our communication of our experiences to the ones we love and ultimately to feel more complete in the world that we are a part of."

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