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Shamanic Healing Circle - International School of Shamanism - Atlanta, GA USA and Mexico City, Mexico

Region: Southeast
Location: Atlanta, Georgia USA and Mexico City, Mexico


Shamanic Healing Circle
First Saturday Monthly
10 AM - Noon

Shamanic Healing Circle provides an opportunity to gather as a community supporting each other on our spiritual path. We welcome everyone to the sacred circle which is open to all who wish to heal and be loved and accepted unconditionally. This is a time to express whatever is in your heart and heal.

Following the models from our ancient cultures we use drumming, talking circles, group healing and various spiritual practices (non-denominational) for growth through energy and sound healing and sharing our lessons in a sacred space.

Join us for a great time as we all share together!

First Saturday Monthly
10 AM - Noon

No charge/Love Donations are welcome

International School of Shamanism
Presidential Commons
3783 Presidential Parkway, Suite 142C
Atlanta, Georgia 30340

For More Info:

Other Monthly Events Offered include:

Shamanic Meditation Circle

Shamanic Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Our Mission:

Serving through unconditional love and acceptance, helping people realize their innate gifts and talents and see God's love without limitations and by healing become all they can be thus...

Healing The Planet One Person At A Time!

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