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The Path of the Sun

The Path of the Sun

Region: Peru
Location: Global Release


The Path of The Sun is a documentary film project about shamanism, ancient wisdom and sacred plants by filmmaker Seti Gershberg. The film tries to answer the question "what value does traditional shamanism offer westerners in the 21st century? The documentary focuses on the shamanic traditions of the Q'ero Indians of the high Andes who are purported to be the direct descendants of the Inka and the Keepers of Knowledge of the Inka spiritual and ritual traditions based on the energy of the Universe. The second group of shaman are the ayahuasqueros and curanderos of the Amazon who work with sacred plants to cure illness, emotional disorders, addictions and offer a plant medicine path to healing and bettering ones self. The Path of the Sun is to be released to film festivals in August of 2013.

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