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"Take the Cup" - with Ricardo Amaringo

"Take the Cup" - with Ricardo Amaringo

Region: Peru
Location: Iquitos


March 2013 Ayahuasca retreat in the Amazon

We invite you to join us, and Shipibo curandero don Ricardo, for a 14-day journey (March 2-15), deep into the interior of the great river, and deep into your own interior regions. This exploration is an opportunity to learn and to heal. There will be 6 ayahuasca ceremonies; and, as importantly, you will have the opportunity to work with a master curandero, both during ceremonies and outside them. This may include insights, treatments with additional natural plants, and other forms of healing work. Whether your current edge is around emotional, psychological, or physical issues, or your inner spiritual quest, you will call forth the help of a serious change agent!

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