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Medicine Wheel Drums - One of a Kind

Medicine Wheel Drums - One of a Kind

Region: Nationwide
Location: Pennsylvania


Each of my Medicine Wheel Drums are made by Spirit and me. I pray for the Drum and for the Drum Carrier who will honor it and its Medicine. The eight-pointed-star lacing pattern that I lovingly use to create your Drum was gifted to me in a vision. It is a powerful symbol that connects you and your Drum Being with the energies of the Sacred Medicine Wheel of Life (Creator, Earth Mother, Grandmother Moon, Father Sun, Air, Fire, Water and Earth). Choose a drum already made or I can create a drum and beater for you with a skin that you choose (Elk, Deer, Bear, Horse, Buffalo, Moose), your choice of leather, feathers and fur. I am honored to create for you.

Drums are on a 15”, 16” or 18” Maple or Cedar frame. All lacing is ¼’ rawhide. Sturdy enough to hand down to your children and grandchildren! Aho!

Cyndy “Snake Dancer” Paige

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