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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

Region: Northwest
Location: San Francisco


Our philosophy..

Is one based in love. We believe in creating a space for people’s authentic medicine to emerge. We believe that everyone’s medicine is unique. For one person, it’s in their writing. For another, it’s in their relationship to their family. In our workshops and series we hold loose structure. We believe in making room for Spirit to guide, as Spirit guides us in our teaching. Each group, each moment asks for a particular energy. We try to honor that. We believe key ingredients in connecting with Spirit are humility and responsibility. Without them, the path can be destructive. We try to create a space where rawness and vulnerability are welcomed. We’ve found this to be the door to deep connection, to deep support of people in their relationship with Spirit. The space invites the openness. Part of the healing is learning to support and connect to each other, which allows people to open to Spirit. We welcome awkwardness, imperfection, authentic human expression. We believe that this is honest. We don’t believe you can rise above humanity’s imperfections. We’re all in this together. We welcome this. This is what makes it ripe for Spirit.

with love,

Anais Szabo & Liv Wheeler

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