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Indigenous Transformation Retreat

Indigenous Transformation Retreat

Region: Peru
Location: Outside Iquitos


Join us for a journey of self discovery into the infinite human potential in the Amazon Rainforest. In this process we’ll immerse into the magnificent realm of Mother Nature through the native indigenous initiation rites and sacred healing ceremonies while establishing intercultural bridges of seeing the emergence of awakened consciousness in beings everywhere.

The retreat is designed according to the Amazonian spiritual practice of introduction to Plant Spirits via special diets with medicinal and sacred plants, introspective methods and various meditations all directed to the recognition of spontaneously flow of consciousness transformation.

Our purpose is to create a space where participants can discover and implement ways to live under the light of the True Self.

Activities include:
- Sacred ceremonies of Ayahuasca and San Pedro
- Individual Plant Medicine Diets
- Recapitulation Release of Personal History
- Transformational Breath Work
- Transpersonal Dream Work
- Sharing Circles
- Qigong, Yoga, Eastern Meditation Practices
- Traditional Chinese Medicine
- Permaculture Introduction

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