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African Spirit Technologies as taught by Malidoma Somé

African Spirit Technologies as taught by Malidoma Somé

Region: Northeast
Location: Cherry Plain, NY


Many people consider Malidoma Somé to be the most important living interpreter of African indigenous wisdom in the west. As divined by his elders before he was born, he has devoted his life in many ways and in many places around the world to building a bridge between two apparently conflicting cultures.

The East Coast Village in Cherry Plain, NY, is one such place. Malidoma has committed himself to helping us create a physical and spiritual home here in upstate New York where the Dagara knowledge can be taught and people can come to receive the healing they need to find and live their life purpose.

"The time for a vigorous act of devotion to, and embracing of the indigenous wisdom of Africa has come. After centuries of silence and in hiding, the teachings and wisdom of the Ancestors are rising up to lead the world into the next level of consciousness and spirituality.

This calls for a dedicated initiative on the part of those in whose heart ancient Africa speaks. I invite those who hear the call to check in for this exciting and compelling journey home."
---Malidoma Somé


We are pleased to extend low-cost opportunities for groups to explore the elements of Dagara cosmology. Elemental rituals are ideal for spiritual and youth groups, community centers, family reunions/gatherings or corporate team-building events.

Apprenticeships are for those who see the importance of preserving and passing on traditional wisdom. More info at

We are an inclusive and diverse community that honors our connection to the Ancestors and Nature. We are dedicated to empowering people through the practices of indigenous African spirit technologies as brought to the West by Dagara Elder, Malidoma Somé (

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