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Free Teleclass: What is the Shamanic Journey?

Region: West
Location: Call from anywhere


The journey brings us into the liminal state of consciousness from which all creative inspiration springs. It is one of the oldest technologies for understanding the world of spirit and energy. It has been used by shamans, mystics, prophets and spiritual leaders for thousands of years as a vehicle for accessing inner guidance.

This method of accessing inner wisdom is available to us today. The emphasis in the teaching of the journey through the Foundation of the Sacred Streamís classes is on helping you understand and interpret the language of the journey. We show you how to develop a journey practice that will support and sustain all areas of your spiritual inquiry. And we will show you how to use the vehicle of the journey to help you step into a more informed and dynamic approach to problem solving, into relating to yourself and into relating to those around you.

Call 415.333.1434 or visit our website for more information.

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