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Region: Peru
Location: Amazon Region


Ayahuasca Ceremonies and Plant Dietas in Peru In a Traditional Setting with Peruvian Shamans
MAY 30th JUNE 13th
AUGUST 29th SEPTEMBER 12th, 2012

PUMA SHAMANIC JOURNEYS facilitates spiritual and transformative journeys to the upper Amazon region of Peru for the purpose of working with Ayahuasca and other plant teachers. The focus of these journeys is on personal healing, inner exploration and personal growth.

The Ayahuasca ceremonies and Plant Dietas are conducted under the guidance of an accomplished Ayahuasquero, (a Maestro fully trained in the use of the ayahuasca vine, and a person who has undergone many years of Plant Dietas, and strict disciplines in the jungle).

This is a journey into the region of Pucallpa, which lies on the Ucayali River, and from there traveling by land and river into a remote area of the jungle. Once there we will undergo a Plant Dieta in the traditional way. This will take place in a pristine setting in a beautiful jungle encampment where the work with Ayahuasca ceremonies and Teacher Plants has a deep and profound effect. The Dietas include working with specific Teacher Plants, a strict traditional diet, silence, lots of inner con- templation, and participation in five ayahuasca ceremonies.

These journeys are by invitation only, and for those who have previously worked with Ayahuasca, and with whom, by prior association we can ascertain their preparedness for an experience of this intensity. For more information and a detailed explanation of what is involved in a Plant Dieta, please enquire.
LENGTH: 15 days, includes travel days COST: $1,700 Group limited to 15 persons Includes: Hotel in Lima (on arrival only); food and lodging in Pucallpa and the jungle; land and boat transportation (not including the initial airport pick-up when you arrive in Lima).
NOT INCLUDED: International airfare to Lima; airfare Lima to Pucallpa; airport taxes and personal expenses.

MAY 27th 30th
AUGUST 26th 29th
For those who would like to go more deeply into the work with Ayahuasca and participate in Plant Dietas, this is a short introductory experience which will take place in and near Pucallpa, immediately preceding the Dieta. Because the Plant Dietas are a very disciplined and very intense experience, it is important to first have an introduction to Ayahuasca, so that one does not enter into a Dieta unprepared. We will stay in the small city of Pucallpa, and the ceremonies will take place in the countryside at a ceremonial Maloka just outside of Pucallpa. There we will participate in two Ayahuasca ceremonies.

COST: $350 INCLUDES: Three nights food and lodging in Pucallpa; airport pickup in Pucallpa; two Ayahuasca ceremonies.
CONTACT: JAYA BEAR Tel: 575-751-0349 P.O. BOX 2860 RANCHOS DE TAOS, NM 87557

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