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Shamanic Drums

Shamanic Drums

Region: Ireland
Location: Co. Cork, Ireland


I am a shamanic drum maker and make and sell Shamanic Drums both from stock and as commissions.

Every part of making a drum is carried out in ceremony. Before I even begin making a drum all my materials are cleansed and then the spirits of the deer and pine are thanked for giving their lives so that the drums may be made and their voices heard.

I only ever make one drum at a time as this allows me to bring the individual spirit of the deer and pine alive in each drum.

Then once the drum has been made by me and has been given time to dry gently outside in the breeze, so that it may hold the energy and power of nature, I slowly begin to awaken its voice, a process that then continues as it is played over time.

Before they travel to their new homes I hold a ceremony to cleanse and bless the drums.

If a drum has been made as a commission I am also happy to dedicate it in ceremony, to the person it is made for and the purpose it will be used for.

All my drums are 30 cm (12") in size and have pine frames.

For the skin I use the hide from organic deer.

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