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Online lesson Attention Management

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In Shuem Shamanic Healing we make use of Attention Management as a step to Meditation as well as a deepening of journeying.

In daily life our attention is divided between many thoughts, feelings and wishes. When you realise that attention is your life energy it becomes clear that you throw part of your life energy away and without knowing why we get exhausted, experience stress and cannot get a grip on life. Attention Management is a practical approach to change this by freeing your attention and becoming aware of how to make better use of it.

Attention Management is the first step to Meditation. It is the most necessary step that all spiritual traditions share: stopping the inner monologue or ‘taming the tiger’. Once you start storing your energy by attention management, you can make use of it more freely and enrich daily living.

This free lesson gives in introduction and a practical exercise that you can easily apply.

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