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Shamanic Breathwork & Rebirthing Practitioner in UK

Shamanic Breathwork & Rebirthing Practitioner in UK

Region: United Kingdom
Location: Cambridgeshire (6 miles Cambridge, 60 London)


Private & confidential sessions [training or facilitating, individual or group] for a range of shamanic breathwork practices:

* 4-Phase [Self-awareness & Self-empowerment] breathing
* 5 Element Breaths - [Purification Practice]
* Breath-based Meditation
* Shamanic Rebirthing
* 5-Elements Breathwork

For my 5 Element Breaths - Purification Practice Poster see:

My work is bound by the ethical codes of The International Society of Shamanic Practitioners and The Healer's Code of Practice:

ABOUT MYSELF: I have been training in, practising and facilitating others, in Shamanic Breathwork for the past 23 years.
Connection to nature, animals and people has always been at the heart of my life. I trained as a physiologist and veterinary surgeon and worked as an animal healer and trainer of animal-healers for 26 years, until, in 1997, while meditating with a solstice ritual group, I received a visionary calling to the Shamanic Path. A succession of teachers (including Shamanic Practitioners, Buddhist Monks and Sufi Masters) and magical experiences then entered my life - a process which continues to this day. I have presented workshops at the last two national conferences of UK Society of Shamanic Practitioners and am a mentored leader of sacred circle dances and healing mantra chants with the "Dances of Universal Peace" movement.
I draw on practices and wisdom from a wide-range of ancient and modern shamanic traditions and provide personal consultations plus public workshops on shamanism, intuitive and psychic skills, sacred circle dance and song, stress management, energy-healing, soul retrieval and psychic protection. I am co-founder of the Cambridge Healing & Holistic Lifestyle Group and see Shamanism as a path for cultivating internal and external harmony via the blending and honouring of [inner and outer] Nature, Community and Spirit. lifestyle.

More about me:

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