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Shamanic Reiki Training & Sessions

Shamanic Reiki Training & Sessions

Region: Northeast
Location: Philadelphia (NW), PA


Greetings all!

My Reiki classes emphasize the spirit of consciousness within all things, including organs and systems in the body. At more advanced levels we focus on 'sacred conversations' with the bodymind and ceremonial treatments done at a distance from the suffering person.

Native American spirituality has its own influence, with fasting dances and sweat lodges made available to interested students and apprentices.

We're in NW Phila. and hold classes around the year. Master-level is a 12-day (1/month) apprenticeship, and a lot of fun and exploration!

Call me at 215-233-0825 or email me at I am happy to claim Beth Gray and Rick Hofmann as my Reiki Master teachers.

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