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Sacred circle New Age Center

Sacred circle New Age Center

Region: Northeast
Location: Long Branch, NJ


GRAND OPENING March 10, 2007 at 10am
Sacred Circle is a new age center focusing on spirituality from around the world.
The retail part of the store carries books, jewelry, candles, incense, statuary, drums, rattles, and gifts that are spiritually themed. There is a well-stocked herbalism and aromatherapy section, and a huge variety of gemstones and crystals. We also carry replicas of museum pieces and sacred objects from indigenous cultures from around the world, including extensive Shamanic, Native American and Egyptian sections. Our goal is to offer people a connection to the beauty of all belief systems and a reconnection to the knowledge of ancient cultures.
We also offer services, which will include massage therapy, psychic readings, energy healing (Reiki, Shamanic Counseling, Jin Shin Jyutsu) , as well as a wide variety of workshops and classes.
It is very important to us that Sacred Circle is not just a store but also a place to nurture community. We will have a regular "Community Night" scheduled which will be a free event for people to come to the store after hours to socialize, network, and connect with like-minded people to forge friendships and feel connected to a community.
Shop Address: 57B Brighton Ave , Long Branch New Jersey
Phone: 732-229-1119

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