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SHAMANIC ART, drums, shields, ties, orbs paintings

SHAMANIC ART, drums, shields, ties, orbs paintings

Region: West
Location: SAN JOSE, CA 95128


I am Janet Y DeVore, White Singing Wolf Medicine Woman, a visionary artist, who creates: Shaman's "Green" Drums, Medicine Shields, Willow Creek Dream Catchers, Feather "Love-Ties", Powerful Smudge Fans, "Orbs of Light" and Exquisite Paintings. These hand crafted artworks are sacred, one-of-a-kind,and transfoming.
I make "green" drums which means that they are alchemically made with out chemicals. This leaves a natural caramel color in the hide, with amber windows and pale clouds. Also the heart sound of the drum penetrates the depths of your soul and the world around you. The shields are a powerful mirror to escort you on your spiritual journey, the love-ties are for bonding two as one, heaven to earth, you to another soul. The dream catchers are made of the four different seasons of the creek willow. Orbs of Light are magical spinning spheres to connect you to your Higher painting are watercolor , allowing a mystical transparent cathedral effec
All in all, I Am a spirit keeper of two worlds, deeply honoring the way of the Native American

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