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Spiritual Aromatherapy Products

Spiritual Aromatherapy Products

Region: Southeast
Location: Hillsborough, NC USA

Description: offers high quality aromatherapy tools for your spiritual and shamanic development. Check out our:

Room Clear Spritzer: Great for clearing energetic debris of all kinds and for uplifting the vibration of the room, yourself or your clients.

Five Element Spritzer Set: Nicely complements your innerwork, ceremony, rituals and energy healing. Each spritzer reflects the energy of a Directional Spirit Keeper. Set includes:

-Illumination (East) Brings clarity to your spirit and raises your vibration.
-Innocence (South) Brings fun and play into your life and heals your inner child.
-Midnight Sun (West) Brings you deep into yourself, good for innerwork.
-Gratefully Yours (North) Sink deeply into self-renewal, find gratitude for everything.
-Dynamic Core (Center) Within your center, stand strong in any challenge.

Chakra Oil Set: Opens and balances each of the seven major chakras.

Amber Attar: Opens your third eye

Lotus Attar: Deeply meditative, opens the crown chakra and beyond

Sandalwood in Golden Jojoba: For meditation and inner peace

Spikenard in Golden Jojoba: For grounding.

Remember for your shamanic needs.

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