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Ayahuasca - dieta, a traditional 10 day retreat

Region: Peru
Location: You will join the group in Pucallpa, Peru.


Don Diego offers a traditional 10 day Ayahuasca dieta. The foundational practice of Amazonian Shamanism, the Dieta, consists of an extended period of isolation with the master shaman within the jungle, in which deep teaching from and through the sacred plants is offered. Translated the word "Dieta" means diet. During this time one "diets" a variety of master plants, while keeping one's food intake extremely simple in quantity and quality. Plain rice or oats (without any salt, spice or condiment) and boiled plantains are served daily. In this pure diet, the plants have the correct environment to work on many levels to teach, cleanse and heal our bodies and spirits.
The centerpiece of the Dieta is group ceremony, guided by Don Diego, where we come together to partake the highest master plant of the jungle, Ayahuasca. Five times during the dieta, we gather for such ceremonies to enter into the true mystery of life that this plant affords us. Don Diego prepares the ayahuasca in the same way as it has been prepared since the beginning of time. His prays and careful attention assures us that this medicine is in its purest form for our healing.

The journeys with Ayahuasca are both exacting and exquisite. They challenge us in many ways, and also offer a window into profound spiritual truth. Ayahuasca allows us to see our blockages, our weaknesses and strengths. One must enter this work with humility and with the understanding that it will ask much of each of us. But when one is willing to truly open to the teaching of this holy vine, the fruits that grow from the experience are beyond imagining.

Entering into the realm of the "madrecita," as the vine is lovingly called, can permanently alter the course of one's life. In the words of one participant, Ayahuasca shows us "the wisdom of eternity."

Don Diego's shamanic skills, years of experience and pure heart provides protection and guidance for the group and for each participant.

Visit the website for more information and the dates & cost for dieta: (be sure to watch the short video)

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